Golden Gate Park (09/07/2021)

today i sought out a Monterey Pine tree. and, i now know what their specific bark looks like. and, it’s amazing. can’t believe how long it took me to add that to my database. wandered through a part of the CAS Botanical Garden and enjoyed watching three Warbling Vireos eating from a Pacific Wax Myrtle tree. visited the Great Horned Owls of the Lily Pond in their usual spot. Junior and Ma owl were present. circled the Lily Pond, in case i could catch sight of the Summer Tanager reported there recently. but, of course, i didn’t spot it. did see a beauty of a Cross Orbweaver, though! and, saw a tiny flower there i hadn’t seen there before, which is always exciting. on the way back, i heard weird raptory cries coming from the owl nursery, and it turned out to be a Northern Flicker! stopped to say gbye to the GHOs, and a squirrel was casually eating an acorn or something a mere FIVE FEET from Junior. i waited to see if it would attack it, but nope. it napped. guess when it’s not time for breakfast, it’s not time for breakfast!

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