Golden Gate Park (09/01/2021)

today i totally meandered. my Naturing time was shorter than usual so i could get ready for my Ecology of SF Bay class in the evening, and i failed to make a plan on where to go. hadn’t been up and down Whiskey Hill in some time, so i started there. and, i think i IDed a FLIPPIN’ JEFFREY PINE!!! for those who rightfully don’t remember me mentioning it once i got back from my CalNat class, it is my favorite tree that i met up in the Sierras. it has puzzle piece bark, it smells like candy, and its pine cones have soft edges (which helps to ID it, the “gentle Jeffrey”). i looked and failed to find any iNat research grade IDs of it in SF, so i am freaking out that it might be it!!! after that, the rest of my time outside is kind of a blur.

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