Golden Gate Park (08/31/2021)

today i had planned on walking around Stow Lake, given it was a sunny day. but, i stepped outside to find the fog had already rolled in. changed my route to just visit the owls and the Lily Pond, as my right hip had been strained SOMEHOW yesterday. ah, getting older is fun. so, i was going for an easy walk. but, the sun came out while i was walking through the Monarch Bear Grove, and it played hide-and-seek all afternoon with me. i spent most of my time outside appreciating the delicious air and blue skies, knowing that so many are being impacted by all the damn fires. felt lucky to breathe so easily. i first visited the Great Horned Owls’ spot, and two were there. i believe it was the Ma owl and possibly the Pa owl in the usual Coast Live Oaks. the male owl was so still and mostly sleeping, very unlike Junior. but, who knows now?? i was watching Ma owl with my binocs, and she started to yawn (which i love watching them do). but she held her mouth open a while, and then she HURLED OUT A PELLET. it was HUGE! IT WAS AWESOME!!! i was tempted to go look at it where it landed, but i didn’t want to disturb her. man, awesome. i also saw a Black-throated Gray Warbler nearby. 2nd time for me! gah, they’re gorgeous. things were pretty quiet at the Lily Pond, except for the preening Great Blue Heron of the Lily Pond. walked to the Secret Mushroom Spot, just because it’d been a while. and, i believe i saw a Ruby-crowned Kinglet!! is that possible, Bob?? thought i’d seen similar looking, but larger versions, earlier. but, this was a little guy. is it early for them to be here? i squealed with delight. i heart them so. and, lastly, it was definitely Black Phoebe day. they were everywhere i went. and, lucky for me, one let me take her portrait. glad i didn’t go to Stow Lake today!

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