Black Point Historic Gardens and Fort Mason Community Garden (08/25/2021)

today i went to the opening of Black Point Historic Gardens. i’d read about it and had it on my calendar to check out today. it’s pretty early in its stage of development, so i’m looking forward to revisiting in the spring. i love efforts to restore and revitalize neglected public nature spaces. and, while it’s not much to look at now, it will be a lovely spot soon. while there, i noticed a handful of Great Blue Herons hanging in a pine tree! that, plus some sweet blackberry picking were the highlights. oh, and the Fort Mason Community Garden was also a great place for a stroll. had some time to spare, so i stopped by Alta Plaza Park, which was on my city park list. and, aside from the Grand Staircase, it was pretty uneventful. it’s one of those parks for recreation and dogs. and, that’s about it. and, that’s so not my kinda park. i think i prefer to remember it as the foggy, creepy dream world of Harry Caul in The Conversation. yep.

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