Golden Gate Park (08/25/2021)

today i had no agenda, so my default route won. but, to start it off, i walked past a couple, not looking at them, and the guy stopped. which made me stop. he looked at me, and he said, “Going birding?” i paused at the question (uhhhh), realized he saw my binocs, and replied (perplexed), “Yes.” pause, again. what’s with this guy? i wasn’t sure what his deal was, so i said, “And, you?” to which, he said, “We met a while ago in The Presidio…” turns out, i knew the guy! kinda! he’s the Presidio Trust Wildlife Management guy i met while observing the Great Horned Owl baby on the ground in The Presidio a while back! freaked me out that he recognized me, but then i realized that i was wearing my usual brown jacket with the apparently unforgettable Owl Witch pin that Carrie Cordeiro bestowed upon me and that Presidio Trust guy commented on when we met. he introduced me to whom i assume was his SO, we exchanged owl info, and we went on our ways. i had been planning to reach out to him for an informational interview, and the incredible timing and unexpected random recognition on the street confirms i need to do this. after that bizarre encounter, i got to see THREE MALE Wood Ducks at the Stow Lake Boathouse, walk along the intensely quiet Pioneer Trail, unintentionally flushed out a Northern Flicker from blackberry bushes in the Secret Gardens, and visited with Junior in his favorite spot. no sign of the GHO parents. i had missed him quite a bit, being away for so many out of town trips lately. and, i’m starting to realize he’ll leave soon. WANH! they grow up too fast!!

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