The Presidio (08/11/2021)

i remembered today that i can actually go Naturing outside of GGPark, so i did that! saw an intriguing report of a juvenile White-tailed Kite recently, so i ventured out to Crissy Lagoon. saw some newtome native flowers. and the partly sunny skies gave me so many birds to see there! American White Pelicans, Caspian Terns, Double-crested Cormorants, Least Sandpipers (i think), Brown Pelicans, Canada Geese, a Great Blue Heron, a Great Egret, a Killdeer, a Long-billed Curlew (i think), AND the juvenile White-tailed Kite! was about to head out when i spotted it hovering, then being dive-bombed by a gull, then it flew below shrubbery and onto the exposed sand in the lagoon, where a gang of crows surrounded it!! i was certain the crows were going to whip out switchblades any second, when the kite leaped up and was immediately chased by then relentlessly pursued with dive-bombing by the crows. but the kite was amazing! moved so quickly and just like the crows! it eventually tired of it and headed to rest on the top of a large bush nearby. thrilling!!! stopped by the Barn Owl eaves in the Presidio on the way home, and they are all GONE. was a little sad i couldn’t see them one more time this year, since the house they’ve been nesting in (for years??) is being torn down this year. but, as a consolation prize, i went home and got out of my car and looked up RIGHT as a small raptor (Cooper’s Hawk, i think?) flew overhead. incredible birding day for me, woo!

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