Golden Gate Park (08/04/2021)

today i wanted to visit the Little-leaf Linden tree i know at North Lake to see its flowers. caught it just in time! happened to walk by one in full bloom at the SFBG yesterday and was curious if the tree i knew was also blooming. walked around North Lake (where i saw a juvenile Black-crowned Night-Heron and Belted Kingfisher), through and around the Chain of Lakes Garden (even on an overcast day, the garden is going BONKERS RIGHT NOW – really wanna show Tammy Stellanova and Octodrone Maxilla asap!!), around Middle Lake (where two Red-shouldered Hawks were crying to or with each other in a single high pitch note i’ve never heard before – and maybe were joining the already crying Red-shouldered Hawk at North Lake??), and along the Bison Paddock. got to spend time with tons of California Digger Bees going nuts on Wall Germander, enjoyed ripening blackberries along North Lake, and spotted an incredible mummy head wasp/yellowjacket nest high up above me. very safely far away from me!

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