Facebook Post: 2021-07-28T18:34:28

up until today, i put myself in Flora Jail. back in my tech days, devs who had too many high priority bugs would be put into “Bug Jail” which meant they had to fix the high pri bugs before doing anything else. i had A TON of flora (and some fauna) pics to upload both to iNat and Flickr and then update with metadata for my Airtable database. i told myself i couldn’t go Naturing until i was out of Flora Jail. and, last night i busted out of jail! so, today i had planned on doing the Oak Woodlands Trail, but i got sidetracked with a discovery of Scarlet Monkeyflower just outside the AIDS Memorial Grove. never seen it there before! thought it was SO SPECIAL when i saw an isolated one along the creek at Lake Anza in Tilden Park some weeks back. nope, it’s in my backyard. also checked on Junior, who was back in his favorite Coast Live Oak again. keeping an eye on him and his folks in hopes of being able to show them to Victor and John this friday night… spent some time at the Rhododendron Dell, then moved on. and, i realized i felt like NATURE JOURNALING. : O found a subject (Montbretia) at the Lily Pond and spent time nature journaling! on my home, i heard then spotted three Hairy Woodpeckers (i think) fighting over everything. so nice to be out of jail and able to enjoy my backyard again.

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