Facebook Post: 2021-07-23T22:39:33

today i went Naturing by myself. haven’t done that since JUNE F’ING 25TH MY GAWD. being a student definitely had some major disadvantages! plus, this week has been all about taking care of things (after being away for a week) and rehearsals. so grateful to have this day and night to myself so i could do my thang. as much as i love sharing Naturing time with friends, i equally cherish going it alone. decided i’d take advantage of having the evening to myself and finally see the Great Horned Owls of the Lily Pond become active around sunset. walked through the Shakespeare Garden, along Stow Lake North, the Pioneer Trail, and ended at the OWL SPOT. and at first, NO OWLS IN THE OWL SPOT. no sign of any of the three in the Coast Live Oaks they’ve been in since at least mid-May. and, i thought, “Huh! Maybe Junior’s left!” wondered if the parents may have gone back to the nest tree, and there were two. the dad in his favorite spot, on a spit of a broken branch. and mom above. OR WAS IT?? Photo Guy walked up and snapped tons of photos of them with his huge zoom lens, talked to me about them, and noted he’d been there about every three days. why he needs 8000 pics if he’s seeing them every three days is beyond me. but, whatevs. and, no i’m not interested in following your Instagram. and, after introducing myself, he says, “Giving Karens back their good name, huh?” : | yeah, dude. that’s why i kept the name. and it’s so my job to take back my name from the a-holes who use that as a racist / bigot label. gawd. anyhooo, even with Photo Guy around, i got to watch them awake and flying and squawking (guessing that’s Junior). no hooting! and, as Junior is definitely getting the flying thing down, i’m guessing they won’t be in those Coast Live Oaks anymore or for much longer. so neato to watch the owlet grow up and to soon know it’ll be on its way. i remember when its horns were THIS SMALL!! walked home via the Lily Pond, and while walking past the AIDS Memorial Grove, i caught sight of a COYOTE trotting along the ridge next to the tennis courts toward the Lily Pond. yeah, the end of the day is definitely my favorite.

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