Facebook Post: 2021-07-18T21:55:31

so, what do i do the day after i get back from a 6 day intensive outdoor nature course in the high sierras? i go Naturing in GGPark, of course! i was passed out for about 12 glorious hours, put away all the things from my week away, and then went on a field trip for The Book! we covered Lloyd Lake and Elk Glen Lake. i got to show my collaborators one of my fave spots in the park, EGL. and, while summertime proved not a ton to see flora-wise, fruits and wildlife were abundant! highlights include failing to find a sweet blackberry for Tammy, spotting the Great Blue Heron of Elk Glen Lake (after not seeing it there for some time), showing the Chinese Weeping Willow and hidden gnome to my guests, watching a cry-baby Red-shouldered Hawk swoop down and away from us, and spotting a Coyote where i had told them i’d seen a pair before at EGL. always a treat to share my park with others. can’t wait to show them the rest of The Middle next time.

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