Facebook Post: 2021-06-23T20:38:36

today i went and visited the Sunnyside Conservatory after wondering for some time what it was all about. turned out to only be a 10 minute visit, so i ended up hitting a bunch of random spots around there that were on my list: Baden and Joost Street Mini Park (so many CA native flora!), Dorothy Erskine Park (cry-baby Red-shouldered Hawk and West Coast Lady spotted, but meh otherwise), Harry Street Steps (OMG WHAT THAAAA), and Castro-Duncan Open Space (hmph). i can’t believe how many wonderful street staircases there are in the city. where people actually have their front doors off these stairs, like Vulcan Stairs and Saturn Street Steps and nowknowntome Harry Street Steps – which has the longest, ricketyest, skewed wooden staircase EVER (see pics in comments – looking down from the top made me feel like i was going to head down an old wood rollercoaster!!). i am in love with all of these stair streets. hope i haven’t seen them all yet.

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