Facebook Post: 2021-06-17T19:41:56

today i finished up my Spring research! i visited Spreckels Lake and Metson Lake. fairly confident Spreckels Lake ain’t making it into The Book. and Metson Lake is definitely in. maybe it was the nutso heat wave, me Naturing right after lunch (instead of my preferred very late afternoon), or that we are so close to Official Summer. but, it FELT LIKE SUMMER with all the crazy blooms i encountered. so fun to watch birds still gathering nesting material, freaking out when a Red-tailed Hawk swooped into their quiet spot off the main roads and trails, and singing their hearts out. also, dragonflies too quick to ID but swarming all above and around me. and, bumblebees still finding every suitable flower. and, a pocket gopher among daisies. SO MUCH TODAY!

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