Facebook Post: 2021-05-28T19:28:26

today i visited the Pioneer Trail and Stow Lake. it’s been a weirdly Gray May and spring in general over here. and while i appreciate the cooler temps, as always, i totally admit Spring shines best in sunlight. and after spending a lovely stroll along the Pioneer Trail under overcast skies, the sun blasted open when i was at Stow Lake. and it was like someone TURNED THE LIGHTS ON. and Spring just blinded me with color and light everywhere i looked. it was kinda magical. and, the Canada Goose goslings are at their awkward stage now. and this Super Spring afternoon was followed by our first eat/drink outdoors. wanted to dip our toes into the post-vax waters before doing so with friends this sunday. and, we did it! we didn’t freak out! we’re gonna be just fine!! THE BEGINNING IS HERE.

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