Facebook Post: 2021-05-26T19:09:18

today i saw on iNaturalist that someone spotted a baby Great Horned Owl in the Presidio TODAY. it’d been a while since i was out there, so i went for it! also wanted to see if the Barn Owlets were in their house eaves like last year (which two were!). got to the GHO spot, and i couldn’t see them. the crazy bitter chilly winds didn’t help. a guy that had been hanging out nearby came up to me and asked if i was looking for The Owls. and he showed me the baby ON THE GROUND. nest was above in a eucalyptus, where another baby was at. mom was in a cypress next to it. the guy worked for the Presidio Trust, and they taped the area off to keep unleashed dogs away and were monitoring the baby. i chatted with him the entire time about Presidio wildlife, his job in Wildlife Management, and my experience with the owls over in my park. a volunteer raptor enthusiast came along, who was helping keep an eye on the baby. got his email (that he wanted me to have) and chatted with him for a while about owls and raptors in the area. learned a lot from both of them! might have found my people!! especially as Presidio Trust Guy (David) even noticed my Owl Witch pin and admired it. awwww, yeahhhh.

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