Facebook Post: 2021-05-23T21:06:12

today was a great day. no time for any Naturing past Monday of last week because of rehearsals and volunteering. so, i got to visit my beloved backyard finally. AND, i did so for the first time without a mask. AND, i got to share more of my park WITH FRIENDS. our 3rd field trip for The Book, and i am so happy to report that not only did we see Crab Spiders and a Red-tailed Hawk chasing a Red-shouldered Hawk and the rest of Oak Woodlands Trail and the Horseshoe Pits and behind McLaren Lodge and Chicken of the Woods mushroom aliens and smelled the Dally Pine (aka Otter Pop Pine) and the Secret Mushroom Spot and a COYOTE, but we ALSO SPOTTED THE GREAT HORNED OWL BABY AND PARENT!!! i was so disappointed not to see them in their recent tree on the outset, but we ended there for one last look. and there the baby was in a Coast Live Oak, so in the open and on a low branch and right off the trail. we cooed and oohed and aahed at it for a while. was about to leave, and i spotted THE PARENT RIGHT IN FRONT OF US IN THE TREE NEXT TO IT. gawked at them both for a while before heading back via the Monarch Bear Grove. feeling pretty good about my Owl Witch skills right now, YEP.

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