Facebook Post: 2021-05-17T17:49:10

i realized a bit ago that i wasn’t fully taking advantage of my unemployed status by making use of weekdays for outings beyond my city. so i decided I’D FIX THAT. once a month i’m treating myself to a day trip outside city limits for my Naturing that day. AND, TODAY I WENT NATURING WITHOUT A MASK ON THE ENTIRE TIME since as of today i’m Done-Done Vaccinated. felt a lil nervous in my car about to get out. can’t remember the last time i didn’t have a mask on when leaving my car. can’t even tell you how frickin’ amazing the wind and salt spray from the ocean felt on my entire face. i just stood there facing the ocean, drinking it in. i could smell the beach and the fennel and all of it. i think i picked a good place to do this for the first time, since the pandemic. i’ve been in the area before for a handful of theatre retreats at the hostel and a visit to the Marine Mammal Center, but i’ve never been to the beach or lagoon. and, while beaches are not my fave, i love lagoons! got to see a Western Bluebird couple, a mama Mallard bathing in the lagoon with her ducklings, and a Northern Flicker, along with countless newtome wildflowers and newtome GALL. took the scenic route home and stopped to admire the view of the Golden Gate Bridge, which sang to me before i was on my way. omg yay for Naturing without a mask. it’s a whole new world.

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