Facebook Post: 2021-04-27T18:58:02

today i had some more reference pics to take at Stow Lake. and while i had planned on visiting a couple more spots, i only managed to leisurely stroll on and around the Pioneer Trail. recognized a number of flowering trees that i don’t remember seeing last year, like the Common Hawthorn, Midland Hawthorn, Red Horse-chestnut, and Horse-chestnut. i’m getting better at trees! also, confirmed the Field Elm is indeed the Elms i’ve tried IDing for a while now. i’m in love with their paper seeds. and how they fall to the ground like blossom petals. watching them do just that on the trail likely took up most of my time today. OH, but i got to see my first Pocket Gophers of the year! AND, a couple of Tree Swallows were actually sitting on tree branches at Stow Lake. first time ever seeing them not in flight!

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