Facebook Post: 2021-04-21T20:01:49

today i had another checklist! and, with one exception, the highlights have nothing to do with my checklist. wandered through the West end of the CAS Botanical Garden, the Shakespeare Garden, Music Concourse, Rhododendron Dell, part of the Oak Woodlands Trail, across the Conservatory of Flowers Meadow, the Secret Mushroom Spot, and the Lily Pond. discovered my first Morel mushroom (never thought that would happen!), confirmed what i had IDed before was indeed what i thought it was (Field Elm!), got to watch a Bushtit guarding its nest, found my first tree stuffed with acorns (!), and spotted two Wilson’s Warblers at the Lily Pond! been so long since i saw them. lovelovelove their black berets! despite the cold and windy weather, i managed to have very satisfying Naturing time.

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