Facebook Post: 2021-04-14T20:06:35

today i got to do some Naturing for the first time this week! so exciting!! had a checklist: check on Hummingbird nest inside SFBG Friend exit gate (nothin’), check for the Sora that Margery Fairchild has been seeing at Stow Lake SE (nope), try to find baby spiders that a friend has been visiting (saw one maybe??), look for the Great Horned Owls of the Lily Pond (nada). so. yeah. HOWEVER, i got to see a Brown Creeper’s nest. and, i got to see my first ever baby Red-eared Slider and my first ever Common Slider at Turtle Cove! and, i at least now know which Chinese Fringe Flower bush the baby spiders are to be found in. and, i got to see two Red-shouldered Hawks mating at the Lily Pond. plus, i was able to see a new-to-me spider and a Tiger Crane Fly, just because i was in “Look for small things!” mode. you can’t always find what you’re looking for, but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get something neat!

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