Facebook Post: 2021-04-09T19:27:45

today i did my default friday route and walked around Stow Lake. but i had to check on a couple things, like if the Purple Akeake is blooming yet and if any change happened to the tiny spider egg sac i spotted the other day. nope on both accounts. a walk around Stow Lake is always lovely, even if not particularly eventful. and, two surprises on the way and on a detour were had and are shown below. i realized when i saw a Ruby-crowned Kinglet early on in my walk that i have had a Kinglet friend with me for a part of the time as part of pretty much every GGPark walk i’ve taken throughout the winter. and they always come so close to me. it’s kind of remarkable. and special. to me. i will miss my faithful winter companions when they are gone.

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