Facebook Post: 2021-04-07T18:29:49

today i was just going to browse the pine trees west of the Lily Pond to take the chance of catching sight of a Great Horned Owl’s nest. and didn’t really have plans beyond that. if you don’t hear them or know what tree they were in last, it’s damn near impossible to spot one. BUT, I SO TOTALLY DID! to be fair, some stranger a while back said they’d seen them nesting “in that big pine” near the LP. so after looking at other pines closer to The Tree we’ve seen them the most in in the past, i took a look at the gigantic pine tree on the South hill, AND THERE IT WAS. couldn’t see a nest or other GHO or GHO baby, but it was thrilling to spot it. some guy asked me what i was seeing, so i got to point it out to him and give him some pointers. we both watched it actually fly away, toward the CAS. and, after that, i just wandered. but something had changed near the LP. the tunnel linking the Conservatory of Flowers to the LP side was OPEN. the gates have been locked for some time. it was shocking to see it wide open. and there was even a literal light at the end of the tunnel. i took it as a welcoming sign.

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