Facebook Post: 2021-04-05T20:10:36

today i got to hang out in my backyard! last week i only got to Nature once because of rehearsal, heat, rehearsal, performance. and it’s been a week since walking in GGPark, so it was a sheer delight to go back and spend time there. i had a checklist of things to do: check on the Hummingbird nest just inside the SFBG Friend Gate, take pics of the African Hemp along Stow Lake for The Book, walk along Pioneer Trail, visit the Rhododendron Dell for spiders, and check in on the GHOs of the Lily Pond. didn’t see the spiders or the GHOs. but, a guy asked me if i was looking for the owls as i was trying to find them, and he saw an adult AND BABY closer to the Lily Pond! clearly i need to stay out til sunset and see what the heck is going on there. consolation prize was seeing two nesting Red-tailed Hawks in the tree next to the Great Blue Herons’ tree! so exciting. i don’t believe they were there last year!

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