Facebook Post: 2021-03-23T19:16:33

i’ve been itching to return to Mt. Sutro recently, so today i did! took the Clarendon Trail (where i saw goats!) up to The Summit and back down the East Ridge Trail (where i saw the same goats on my way back to my car!) what once was a thick forest of eucalyptus in the South of Mt. Sutro is no more. maybe 1/10 or less remains. the place is not really recognizable as we were introduced to it at the beginning of the pandemic. and it was sad to see it look more like a biker’s amusement place rather than an ivy covered forest you could easily lose yourself in. not sure if the same transformation happened or is happening on the West side or in the Interior Greenbelt. just so weird. i must’ve looked like i was on drugs, slowly looking and constantly turning around trying to remember what the place used to look like. ultimately, it was nice to go back, but the area (at least in the South and on the South Ridge Trail) no longer has that magical feeling as before. oh, and mountain bikers are the worst.

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