Facebook Post: 2021-03-19T19:39:37

today i just had a lovely stroll in my backyard. the crabapple blossoms in the Shakespeare Garden are going NUTSO. Stow Lake was about as idyllic as it can get. enjoying the return of spring flowers i first fell in love with last year. AND, i spotted TWO rodents that weren’t squirrels! the first was A MOLE of some kind, i think! it scurried across the South path of Stow Lake and into brush just at the lake’s edge. gotta figure out what it was… the second was A RAT! around the turn of the West path of Stow Lake. gotta figure out what it was… took my beloved and entirely empty Pioneer Trail home and noticed the first fruits of the season appearing already. i’m just watching the seasons change in front of me, folks.

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