Facebook Post: 2021-03-11T18:46:20

today i really did finish up my Winter research for The Book. i think. captured lots of new succulents behind the McLaren Lodge. a couple new flora. and lots of familiar flower faces from last spring. my favorite moment was walking through the Camelia Garden to catch the start of Golden Hour ahead of me. was also nice to actually see the camelias blooming there compared to last year when we missed them. walked through the Eucs (that’s birder shorthand for Eucalyptus plural) before heading home to try looking for the Great Horned Owl nest (in case it’s there), and there was a couple setting up some speakers there. she seemed friendly enough, so i asked if they were going to play music. answer was, “Yes, for a couple people.” so i felt compelled to just let her know about the likely nesting but definitely residents of that area, the GHOs of the LP. she actually seemed potentially concerned. and even made sure to ask, “What kind of owls did you say?” she thanked me for letting them know. in my mind, i replied, “You’re welcome. Just doing my entirely unofficial job as Owl Ranger, is all.”

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