Facebook Post: 2021-03-10T18:42:01

today i realized i wasn’t really done with Winter research… so i visited Alvord Lake and had planned to also visit McLaren Lodge, but i got sidetracked by birds around Robin Williams Meadow. which included a couple Varied Thrushes drinking/bathing from a small hole in the asphalt path near Hippie Hill that still had water from the recent rain. decided to stroll through the Lily Pond on the way home. no hooting heard as i lingered, hoping for some sign of them. it’s been A WHILE since i heard or saw them. i gave up and headed for home, when i THOUGHT i heard A HOOT near the South entrance. didn’t have time to stick around, so i kept on my way. hoping i wasn’t hearing things. as i turned onto Bowling Green Drive, i DEFINITELY ABSOLUTELY HEARD HOOTS! the Great Horned Owls of the Lily Pond are still there!! can’t tell ya how happy it made me on my walk back.

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