Facebook Post: 2021-03-01T19:52:45

today i treated myself to a visit to Muir Woods. having only been there once a long time ago where all i remember is ruining my Danskos (as it was an unplanned visit), it was kind of like being there for the first time! i took the Main Trail in and the Hillside Trail back, taking my sweet ole time (3 hours for 2.5 miles) to stop and look at every dang flower and mushroom and slime mold and marvel at the extraordinary solitude i was able to get there as it was so delightfully empty for the most part. reminded me of the profound quiet i’d experience often down at The Land all those summers. it was so quiet i heard Dark-eyed Juncos whiz past me like a small plane past my ears. even a single bumblebee sounded like a bee swarm. amazing. so many adorable Waxcap mushrooms, Jessica Rudholm! so many California Fetid Adderstongues, Logan Soundhive and Octodrone Maxilla! so many Varied Thrushes over the creek, Tammy Stellanova! such an exquisite visit all by myself.

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