Facebook Post: 2021-02-26T16:44:10

today i visited the SFBG to see the post-peak Magnolias. and it looked like flippin’ Mardi Gras came through with all the magnolia petals EVERYWHERE. spring is starting to burst in the garden. the aromas of some flowers, like the Hyacinth in the Fragrance Garden, are so strong i could smell them through my mask. i also got to see a gorgeous Varied Thrush who patiently stood still while i admired it and took photos. and while i had an “Ugh” stranger interaction on the way there (“Hey, sexy lady”), it was washed out by an “Aww” stranger interaction inside the SFBG who complimented my Totoro backpack (“Your Totoro backpack is THE BEST”). told him where i got it in Japantown, and he said, “I hope to find it so I can wear it with my Totoro onesie.” i hope so, too, sir.

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