Facebook Post: 2021-02-19T19:35:14

ohmahgawd ohmahgawd ohmahgawd, I SAW TWO COYOTES TOGETHER AT ELK GLEN LAKE TODAY!!! i was IDing a tree behind Elk Glen Lake, looked up for no reason, and saw a frickin’ female COYOTE saunter from the bushes onto the trail behind me. it noticed me, didn’t care, then urinated, smelled the area, kicked dirt onto it, and returned to the bushes after glancing at me. then a male COYOTE came from the same spot and did the same thing. my heart stopped and pounded while i watched them do this about 50 feet from me. they both went back to the bushes and ended up ahead of me on the trail that i needed to follow to get back to my car. so i kinda had to FOLLOW THEM at a safe distance while they marked the trail ahead again. i lost them, thankfully, as every once in a while a passerby would show up on the trail. so many magical encounters with wildlife when i’m on my own, being quiet, walking softly, stopping to look all the time at whatever. and this was so special. the closest and longest coyote encounter i ever had. and if i wasn’t alone, i know it wouldn’t have happened. and to think seeing a wild turkey at the start of my Naturing was what i thought would be the highlight today!!

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