Facebook Post: 2021-02-17T22:35:29

today i continued reference work on THE BOOK, focusing on the AIDS Memorial Grove, Secret Gardens, and the Shakespeare Garden. it is entirely feeling like a year has passed since the pandemic began, and my Naturalist life began. i’m recognizing more and more flowers from last spring. the vibrancy (is that a word?) of the glowing green just about everywhere on the ground, the cherry blossoms blooming in all corners, and the sighting of many bird nests are all pointing to SPRING IS COMING IF NOT ALREADY HERE! p.s. is it ok to be annoyed every time some random male stranger in passing asks me, “See anything good?” upon seeing me looking at something with my binocs? it happens more often than i care for. and this particular male asked while whizzing past me on a bike. clearly not actually interested in WHAT i’m seeing. just feeling a need to shout to a stranger that they are acknowledging the presence of a birder. that’s just dumb, right?

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