Facebook Post: 2021-02-07T14:26:02

i am so happy for TWO reasons –

1. Brian got a job! he found out friday afternoon. he’s going to be a full-time Product Manager of a start up called BuildZoom. he starts on the 15th! i’ve known a handful of people who’ve had major life upgrades during the pandemic (getting a job, retiring, buying a house, getting engaged), and now it’s happened to my guy! i’m sooooo happy for him, even if it means we might really kill each other having to share our tiny apartment where now one person will be working from home full time… but! this leads into the 2nd reason i’m happy!

2. he took next week off from starting the new job, so we’re using xmas gift money from our folks to get away for THREE DAYS! we’ll be at an AirB&B in Aptos! i can’t even remember the last time i was in SCruzlandia… planning to do Naturing down there at Nisene Marks / the Pogonip (which i JUST RECENTLY found out about even though it’s frickin’ right next door to UCSC) / Wilder Ranch. excited to be away from our apartment for 2 nights and to just be SOMEWHERE ELSE for a bit. happy happy, joy joy!

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