Facebook Post: 2021-02-02T19:34:55

today i saw MY OWLS! i haven’t seen them in a while. either pair in the East. i had planned to check for the reported Sora again at Stow Lake then backtrack via the Pioneer Trail and wander back. but, no sign of the Sora. and as i passed the Ugly Bridge, i heard HOOTING. spent the rest of my Naturing time tracking the GHOs of Stow Lake. and i found them! i even saw them MATING! they were halfway up Strawberry Hill near the reservoir. they moved to the south side of the hill, and i followed them a bit. got to point them out to two different people. and then, as i was debating to go or not, a tiny wee bat flew over my head. and i took it as a sign to head home.

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