Facebook Post: 2021-01-28T21:36:40

today i was able to have about two hours outside, and it was glorious to do so so soon after the rain. i finally looked for and found the Fairy Door in the Music Concourse. i spotted a couple of new-to-me white magnolia trees alongside the de Young that led me to the most sparkling Pride of Madeira i’ve ever seen. i walked the entire Oak Woodlands Trail. along the way, i spent much of my Naturing time in a secluded spot south of Bunny Meadow, which had always been too crowded for me to venture near. a group of Cedar Waxwings, a female Northern Flicker, Ruby-crowned Kinglets, and various sparrows all hanging in this little spot. aside from finding this gem, the highlight was accidentally sneaking up on a Townsend’s Warbler, and him not minding and just hopping around me about three feet from my feet without a care in the world.

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