Facebook Post: 2021-01-26T16:49:30

today i was determined to get out for a bit of Naturing before The Supposed Storms arrive. after many checks of entirely off forecasts, i just frickin’ WENT FOR IT. and of course, it finally started to sprinkle JUST AS i stepped out of my building. fortunately, my umbrella kept me mostly dry. heading out earlier than usual allowed me to visit the SFBG (which i pretty much had all to myself!) and see how the Magnolias were doing. a handful of trees are blooming, but it’s nowhere near peak just yet. also, i’m realizing how i’ve been trained over the course of my Naturing tenure to get super excited at the first sight of fresh wood chips. it’s like a brand new yellow brick road! highlights include coming across such a new path, watching a little halmoni (korean for “grandma” – that’s what my Ma would call all little old asian ladies, so i do the same) enjoying a snack under a blossoming magnolia tree, and watching a Great Blue Heron hunting at the Dwarf Conifer Pond, just about 10 feet away from me.

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