Facebook Post: 2021-01-14T18:35:01

today i realized it’d been a while since i last visited the Chain of Lakes, so i went and did that! saw some birds out there that i don’t remember seeing there before, like a Snowy Egret and Hooded Mergansers at South Lake and Great Egrets and Buffleheads at North Lake. but the highlight was easily my time behind Middle Lake. i had some unexpected close encounters! while standing still trying to locate a woodpecker, a hummingbird (not sure if it was Allen’s or Anna’s) flew right onto a branch about two feet from me. it sat for a bit as i almost got teary-eyed at it being so close to me. then it flew off. then a Ruby-crowned Kinglet flew into the same shrub and got just as close to me for a bit. after it flew off, i went to the lake edge. and immediately a bunch of Bushtits were everywhere in the small tree/shrub next to me. one even nibbled on berries about a foot over my head. it munched away on various short branches just above me as i watched in amazement. i find that when Naturing alone i frequently have closer encounters with creatures. but this was by far the closest encounters with birds. and they weren’t hoping i’d feed them! just maybe didn’t mind me there? whatever it was, it was special alright.

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