Facebook Post: 2021-01-07T18:37:52

today i did and saw a lot! North side of Stow Lake, Pioneer Trail, Fairy Door, JFK, Lily Pond, Peacock Meadow. heard and saw both pairs of Great Horned Owls. so, all four are doing a-ok. and i’ve never seen all four in one day! saw so many different kinds of mushrooms just about everywhere i went. and saw the Entwined light show, from a distance. 30 sec video can be seen below in the comments for anyone interested in a preview! as i was watching one of the GHOs of the LP above, a woman walked near me and asked me if the owls she’s been hearing lately were nearby. i told her they were right above us. she said, “They’ve probably been here all this time, but I’ve only recently been able to take walks at night. And now I know they’re here.” indeed. they were there all this time. and we had no idea. and it’s really nice to now know they are very much here in our backyard.

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