Facebook Post: 2020-12-21T18:37:09

today we started off noticing a Yellow-rumped Warbler on a wire on our block, which we’ve never seen before. after taking a stroll through part of the CAS botanical garden, we headed to the Fairy Door. on the way, we saw a Hermit Thrush pretty close to us and then saw a Varied Thrush pretty close to us at the Fairy Door. we visited the Lily Pond, where i expected to hear the Great Horned Owls of the Lily Pond as it was 5pm. but, nope. lingered a bit, but nothing. ODD. we gave up and went up the hill to see if we could get any views of Jupiter and Saturn. while there, getting no good views, HOOTING. practically above us! Brian saw the first one, which was about 15 feet from us. the other was closer, but we couldn’t see it. then the first one flew to a tree about 10 feet from us, where the other one was. then the other hopped up on the first, and it was BUSINESS TIME. so frickin’ close to us! they were done, and the male flew back to the Lily Pond. and the female hung out, stared at us a bit, and we left her to hunt. amazing. got great views of Jupiter and Saturn from the Lawn Bowling Green on our way home. it was nice of the planets to line up to keep the sky a little brighter for us on this Winter Solstice evening.

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