Facebook Post: 2020-12-17T18:17:44

right before i left for Naturing, i finished up my last 10 postcards for GA. and i happened to learn that writing on my lap (on a hard surface atop my lap) is how i write best! writing on a table is not my bag! if only i’d learned this MONTHS AGO. maybe my far superior handwriting could’ve swayed a Democrat on the fence more?? i’ll never know. but now i know how my handwriting looks best. it’s all about the learning, people. i was pretty happy with this new knowledge as i ventured out for a couple hours of Naturing. today my goal was to go Mushroom Hunting, and my park did not disappoint! i saw five different kinds of mushrooms that i hadn’t seen in those spots before. and i heard a little of the Suenos Jazz Band, which i haven’t seen in a while. practically no crowd, which was sad compared to summertime audiences for them. but given the state of The Covid right now, plus the colder temps, it’s not surprising. while watching a Ruby-crowned Kinglet rustle through Nasturtium leaves at the edge of the Lily Pond, i heard HOOTING. got to easily see the Great Horned Owls of the Lily Pond, got to point them out to three separate households who all had never seen one before, AND i absolutely saw the pair FRICK’N MATING!! felt like a total perv, but i wasn’t trying to catch them in the act, i swear!

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