Facebook Post: 2020-12-15T18:53:26

whenever i’m not quite inspired as to a direction or destination, i default to Stow Lake or the Lily Pond. today, i remembered that i hadn’t been on the Pioneer Trail for a bit (a couple weeks?), so i headed there by way of the Fairy Door. while there, i heard a couple Northern Flickers, got to see one, and got to let a lady near me know what it was. headed back on the trail and heard HOOTING. the Great Horned Owls of Strawberry Hill were high up in a tree above. got great looks at both, got to let two young women see where they were and gave some general info on them, and got to point them out to an older lady that came on by. she’d heard them before but never saw them before. then one GHO flew down and out of sight, and it was exciting for all. i must admit that i enjoy showing other people where birds are about as much as i enjoy seeing them for myself! headed back around Stow Lake for home and got to see Saturn and Jupiter very clearly and so closely together in the Southwest night sky.

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