Facebook Post: 2020-12-07T18:47:18

today i meandered through the AIDS Memorial Grove after spotting this Red-shouldered Hawk there. spotted another one also in the Grove before ending up at the Lily Pond. the group of Hooded Mergansers were still there, as was the Great Blue Heron of the Lily Pond. i SWEAR i didn’t plan on staying for the Great Horned Owls of the Lily Pond, but just as i was about to head out, they started hooting. from the same tree. saw them both! and, i THINK i saw them MATING. it was super quick, and they were on the other side of a good size branch from me. but if they weren’t mating, they were dancing next to each other. totally possible. then a birder named Rudy stopped to watch and listen, too. and he gave me some info from his visits owlspotting there, which was neato. two jerk guys on the ridge where the GHOs typically fly toward to start hunting were playing loud music and talking loudly, so i bailed. and on my way back home, i saw MANY BATS fluttering East down Pelosi Drive, which was so cool!

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