Facebook Post: 2020-12-01T18:14:12

today i returned to Stow Lake to confirm a duck i wasn’t able to ID yesterday, as i saw it when it was very dark. and i saw it again! and it’s a Lesser or Greater Scaup! this time i took the long route around Stow Lake, discovered a newly woodchipmulched trail behind the Stow Lake Picnic Area, got to watch a juvenile Pied-billed Grebe swallow a crayfish (!), went up and down Strawberry Hill, and back. on my way back, on the very dark path along Stow Lake SE, a BARN OWL flew past me about 20 feet away across the path and over the lake. i think i startled it? if i had blinked, i wouldn’t have seen it. and i heard nothing. THEN, walking back on MLK, ANOTHER BARN OWL (OR THE SAME ONE??) flew over me (like 1Oish feet above?) and flew over the SFBG. i’m beginning to wonder if the owls are feeling more comfy (or more curious?) around me because of my Totoro backpack?

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