Facebook Post: 2020-11-19T18:26:37

today i soaked in more Fall Colors a bit more West than yesterday. the Pioneer Trail was a great spot for them, along with the Historic Colonial Trees walk. i even peeked through a gate to see lovely colors in the Japanese Tea Garden. oh, and i also heard then saw the two Great Horned Owls of Strawberry Hill, no big whoop. BUT THEN, as i was approaching Squirrel Central from the South side of Stow Lake, my eye caught a white flash of wings. and i believe i saw a frickin’ Barn Owl swooping in a tiny space within the tiny Redwood Grove right there. it flew silently from gawd knows where and swooped up and out of that small space, across MLK, and disappeared into the SFBG? i swear to gawd if i didn’t know Barn Owls existed i’d have thought i saw A FLIPPIN’ GHOST!

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