Facebook Post: 2020-11-03T18:28:29

today i had planned for us to take a tranquil stroll through the SFBG, but with the time change they now have last entry at 4pm – instead of 6pm! so we walked through a bit of the CAS Botanical Garden and caught sight of a Ruby-crowned Kinglet, through the Secret Garden and admired the newly bloomed Angel Trumpets, and planned on visiting the Lily Pond before heading home. while there, we heard A SINGLE HOOT. spent a while looking for the owl, then gave up to head back when we heard REPEATED HOOTS. and we saw TWO, MAYBE THREE, Great Horned Owls! too hard and too dark to get pics (sorry, Yvonne Ellefson), and they were also on the move a lot while we followed them. super exciting as i’ve never heard or seen them in the East side of the park before! and AS A BONUS, Brian caught sight of a FRICKIN’ BARN OWL on Bowling Green Dr. that flew onto the top of a chain link fence at the tennis courts. we got to watch it looking at the ground for a minute before it flew into the darkness. but, my gawd. i had no idea there were owls in the park east of Strawberry Hill! this Naturing at sunset/twilight thing is proving to be great for Owlspotting!! oh, and this is Dotted Knotweed, i think.

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