Facebook Post: 2020-10-23T20:16:49

today we went, for the first time together, to Lands End. we started at the Lincoln Park Steps (so gorgeous) and did the Lands End Trail til the turn off at Mile Rock Beach and headed back past the Legion of Honor. breathtaking views and some birding made for a lovely afternoon of Naturing. i can’t believe it’s taken me this long of living in SF to explore this corner. highlight was easily at the end when, as we were stopped to search with our binocs for a raptor we heard, a father with shy little son in tow spoke to us about his budding birder kid and asked if there were any birds they should look for next time they’re there. having seen many Hermit Thrushes on our walk, i suggested those (since they’d have a good chance of seeing them). and the father tried cheering up his sad little boy with, “Hermit Thrushes! We’ll look for those in our book at home and look for them next time!” he thanked us, and walked away. i really hope that little boy can spot one next time.

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