Facebook Post: 2020-10-15T19:05:28

one of my favorite things on a clear and sunny day is to drive west on Geary to where it seemingly dumps into the ocean. before curving around the Cliff House. it makes you feel like you could just keep driving straight into that beautiful sea ahead of you. since it was such a day, and i knew it’d be cooler near the coast, i started Naturing at Lands End. i’ve only ever been there once, and it was at night. so it was a treat to finally see this small corner of the city on such a day. took Lands End Trail to the Eastern Coastal Trail Overlook and wandered around Battery Chester, looking at the many varieties of small birds around the Fort Miley Ropes Course. i even got a life bird, the Hermit Thrush! spotting a Northern Flicker was also a treat. something about the Pacific Ocean has always been an incredibly calming and comforting element for me. and it’s been fantastic to spend some time near it and the bay this week.

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