Facebook Post: 2020-09-23T19:09:03

today i visited the two formal gardens by my house. i shelled out for the resident fee to stroll through the Japanese Tea Garden. and i’ve never been there when it’s been so empty. it was a delight and as peaceful as i believe it should always be. might need to come back when the maple leaves have changed color. i also shelled out the $0 resident fee to stroll through the SFBG. decided to do some re-con for our upcoming Gatsby picnic and see what my favorite tiny gardens (past the Garden of Fragrance) were up to this time of year. turns out, not a lot! it’s almost unrecognizable compared to the spring. highlights include watching a Red-tailed Hawk being chased by 10 crows right at the beginning of my walk, the tranquility of the JTG, and turning a corner in the SFBG and stumbling upon a ton of what i thought at first were a village gathering of the Miyazaki creature, Kodama, at the start of the Moon Viewing Garden.

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