Facebook Post: 2020-09-03T18:33:09

today i spent some time around Lloyd Lake. i normally avoid that area of the park because it’s often too crowded. but i was there an hour earlier than my norm, so i thought it worth checking out. while having a snack at Speedway Meadow, i watched some kids with coaches do this run-race-bootcamp thing. they finished, exhausted. and the head coach shouted, “Whichever team won gets to pick the next thing!” to which, one of the boys shrieked back, “It’s gonna be EASY!” and that made me laugh. i hear ya, kid. highlights include all the lovely twists and turns of the Rainbow Falls creek along JFK and seeing the Wood Duck at the Stow Lake Boathouse sporting more gorgeous colors since the last time i saw it! is that possible, Bob and Juli??

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