Facebook Post: 2020-07-23T18:54:59

today i kind of did a driving tour of a handful of small green places on my list to check out and ended up having lots of mini-adventures along the way. my city’s nooks and crannies continue to surprise and delight me. spots visited: Billy Goat Hill, Walter Haas Playground, Douglass Park, Edgehill Mountain (wha??), edge of Hawk Hill Park, Laguna Honda Trailhead (why is that not on the map?), Al’s Park (free apples? why, thank you, Al!), and some random side yard on Devonshire Way where the resident(s) created a hidden-looking, Wonderland underworld filled with pathways and mushrooms and gnomes and whatnots! presumably for their children, but perhaps for the spirits and creatures of Mt. Sutro?

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