Facebook Post: 2020-07-16T18:27:53

today there was A LOT LESS DRAMA. first off, i didn’t see a Barn Owl yesterday. confirmed it must be a warped tree branch. BUT, i saw additional evidence of the epic raptor battle in the tree next to it. so. that was neato. ended up just walking around Elk Glen Lake and the meadow west of it after that. highlights include wild blackberry picking, seeing the Great Blue Heron of Elk Glen Lake snatch a pocket gopher, wash it in the lake, then swallow it (2nd time seeing that now), a perhaps new-to-me mushroom, watching these two juvenile Red-shouldered Hawks crying and one of them trying out its wings, this bizarre evidence near them on the ground of what looks like a bird that just exploded right in that spot, seeing an American Robin in its nest for my first time, and NOT getting stung by a yellow jacket today.

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